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Dual-zone refrigerators let you choose two distinct temperature zones inside your refrigerator, making them the perfect choice for people who enjoy both red and white wine. Dual zones have a trade-off in that you lose some storage space because they necessitate splitting the fridge in half. On the other hand, single-zone refrigerators maintain a constant temperature throughout and typically offer additional storage options due to the absence of a partition.

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The senior chef of Lincoln Ristorante, Shea Gallante, uses this wine fridge at home, and Marquez also gave us his own recommendation. Although it is obviously more expensive than some of the other items on this list (though not the most expensive), Gallante claims he has used it without any issues for more than seven years and that the stylish cooler blends in perfectly with his kitchen décor.

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Zach Jones, the wine director at Chicago's Pacific Standard Time, recommends Allavino's single-zone fridge if you're the kind of wine connoisseur who demands a professional-grade refrigerator for use at home. Jones claims that although the restaurant uses Allavino Flexcount Classic Series wine refrigerators, "they are actually great for home use as well." He adds that you'll typically want your at-home model to have around a third of the capacity of a commercial model. There are a handful of the 174-bottle units at the restaurant, but Jones said the 56-bottle form "works brilliantly" for home use.

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Leon claims that the EuroCave is the Cadillac of refrigerators. They can be found scattered around Michelin-starred restaurants and in the homes of savvy customers. They are lovely, quiet (which is crucial if you live in an apartment), and maintain temperature. Owner and beverage manager of Fausto in Brooklyn, Joe Campanale, concurs. He calls these refrigerators "almost indestructible" and adds that when he's tried less expensive versions, they haven't held up as well. "I know they are super-pricey, but I adore anything EuroCave, and I've always had fantastic experiences with them at home," he says.

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For much of the same reasons as Campanale, Cedric Nicaise, the wine director at Eleven Madison Park, suggests a model from EuroCave if you have a sizable collection. The maximum wine you can keep in this amount of space is approximately 178 bottles, making this one of the best models if you want to optimise capacity. The Premiere L is comparable in price to refrigerators with a similar capacity and amenities, but being undoubtedly pricey. A refrigerator that will keep your collection of more than 100 wine bottles is also a wise investment if you have previously invested money on it.

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This U-Line wine cellar will help you chill your wine collection to the ideal temperature. Depending on their size and shape, the height-adjustable racks can hold up to 62 wine bottles. The dual-zone temperature control on this U-Line wine cellar maintains the ideal temperatures for the various varieties in your collection.

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With this JennAir NOIR 24-inch built-in undercounter wine cellar, you can provide the best conditions for wine storage. With the help of two temperature zones and a cellar mode that increases humidity, different types of wines can be refrigerated at the perfect temperatures to preserve them. The lights in this JennAir NOIR 24-inch built-in undercounter wine cellar automatically come on when close motion is sensed.

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The 24" LWC2Z97 "wide, dual-zone wine cellar that is NSF-7 commercially listed and ETL-S listed. White and sparkling wine should be stored in the upper zone, while red wine should be kept in the bottom zone, which has a warmer temperature range. It has a front-breathing design for built-in installation and a completely completed, freestanding black cabinet. slightly about 27 in "For additional depth savings, this device has a sealed back and a right angle plug. A user-reversible double pane tempered glass door with a smooth stainless steel accent is one of the deluxe exterior's characteristics. The pro-style handle completes the design, while the stainless steel kickplate adds even more beauty.

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